West Auckland Engine Reconditioners (WAER) is one of the few in Auckland that provide that provide dyno tuning service to customers. In 2004 a speialised dyno room was built at the workshop and a German Maha Dynomometer with Superflow equipment was installed.

The photo shows a Valiant Hardtop we had in for a dyno tune, running a 360 stroked to 426 cubes. 

Our Dyno is a German Maha rolling road with Superflow control and software package. The software is updated on a regular basis by engineers from Superflow keeping us up with the latest technology.

Our purpose built Dyno Cell is fully insulated for sound and also temperature stability. A large extraction fan removes exhaust fumes and fresh air is pushed in by two large entry fans that ensure the engine only receives fresh air

We use two large moveable fans in front of the vehicle to ensure the engine is cooled correctly and are able to record horsepower, torque and air fuel ratio throughout the operating range of the engine. This information is logged and can be accessed if further modifications are performed to the engine at a later date for comparison purposes. 

The Dyno has become integral to our workshop enabling us to deliver an extremely high standard of tune for all our clients.

Click here to check a video showing our dyno room in action. 

Check out the WAER's sponsored 68 Barracuda going for a dyno run.  

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